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Hello and Welcome!sharing creates community

I was thinking about a great place for sharing my knowledge and experiences throughout my career.  Here we are!

There will be a range of things from videos to written posts all with plenty of tidbits that I hope you find helpful.  

Love the idea that sharing creates community.


Series on Kindness at Work-Most of us must work with other people and we all know what great and horrible days feel like.  We also know that kindness matters.  

BONUS!  Here’s the post that inspired the videos!  Kindness really is the Gateway to Greatness even if there are many business folks who say otherwise.  You can’t accomplish remarkable things on your own and kindness can be an important tool for you on your important journey!


Are you taking all feedback to heart?  That doesn’t always work in your favor.  The good news is that you have the power to change that.  Read my article in YourTango for all the details! 

5 Sneaky Mistakes to Avoid When Leaving Your Job is my way of sharing lessons learned after making these mistakes a time or two.  There’s so much to think about that we often fall into traps so here’s to doing things differently as you head to your next big thing!