Professional Development

Looking to become a leader or improve your leadership skills? Not sure how to create your individual brand or expand your opportunities? Maybe what you do has you feeling uninspired or worse?  Would you like to execute your vision with ease?
I coach mid-career professionals, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs on their professional development and leadership.  Sound interesting?
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Areas I support with Coaching plus a dash of Consulting


Transitions are strange beasts filled with excitement (cheers!) and anxiety (ugh…).
They don’t have to feel like the tail wagging the dog. Learn ways to manage and shape the change in your favor while helping others affected. Remember a dog’s tail is a rudder for steering and balance.
Maybe the change you want is small, maybe it’s huge!
> You want to up your game for a promotion or different opportunities.
> Maybe you’d like to figure out your next move.
> Perhaps you’re thinking about becoming a leader.
>You’re a leader who’s building a team or moving into new arenas.
We’ll work together to make action plans that are empowering, sustainable, and effective.


Challenges can feel inspiring or they can feel like 10,000 pounds on your shoulders. Align to your values and you’ll see your poise and resilience soar!

Clear Communication:
Learn how to communicate your vision and expectations in a way that creates understanding, action, and excitement!
A Muddy Message can’t generate action or support…it can only be questioned or ignored.
Uncomfortable Conversations: Learn to provide direction, give feedback, and set boundaries to get the results you need without lecturing or enabling. 
Effective Influencing:  Learn to drive change and create win-win outcomes by investing in people and relationships in a way that feels true to you.
Creating a Unique Brand:  Be confident you standout in a positive way. Develop a straight forward message about who you are now and your future goals, plus be consistent across multiple platforms.