What is Energy Leadership

Energy Leadership™ and the ELI

Energy Leadership is based upon the belief that we are all leaders in some way and our level of energy impacts how we lead and how we respond to the leadership of others. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

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Energy is the basis for everything. We spend a lot of time talking about not having enough energy, wasting energy and trying to find more.

• You can “feel” a person’s energy and are aware it can vary.  Maybe it’s the happy friend who instantly lifts everyone’s mood when she enters a room. It may be the stern boss who creates a lot of nervous tension in meetings.  Think about this: that happy friend could also be the stern boss <boom!>.

• You see how one person’s energy can influence others’ even if it’s not conscious. Now you can start to understand how your energy level can affect how you lead regardless if you have an official leadership role.

• Energy levels are really lenses that affect how you see the world and they can change moment to moment based upon your choices. Think of it like putting on different pairs of eye glasses; you may find it too sunny for clear lenses and choose to wear tinted ones.  The same person may be the happy friend on Saturday and the stern boss Monday-Friday.

• It may not always feel like you have a choice in your reaction like you do changing glasses but this is where working with me as your coach can help you see that you have just that…a choice.

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) is an attitudinal assessment that measures how much of each energy level (energetic pairs of glasses) you have when responding to both every day events and stressful situations. Below are a few helpful points:

• This is not a personality assessment. Instead, the ELI measures your current level of energy based on your attitude, perception and beliefs.

• The great thing is that our attitudes, perceptions and beliefs can change which means our energy level can also!

• You not only have a choice in your reactions but you can choose to work with me, an ELI Master Practitioner, to set goals around making changes to your perceptions and attitude.  This can lead to increased energy and more effective leadership in all areas of your life!